Four Things a Woman Should Know Before Falling in Love with a Lesbian

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anime girlsThey say that love is all that matters. While some would disagree that love is not everything, some would say that without love you are nothing. And, this is what most women believe in — that love is all that matters to them.

It matters most to women that sometimes they tend to forget to build a wall to protect themselves. They sometimes plunge easily into a relationship without looking at the big picture.

A lesbian relationship, for example, is one such not picture-perfect relationship as it has its own red flags.  This is a caution to whoever falls in love with a lesbian that she should be careful as she might fall prey to one of those lesbians described below. In other words, know before you love someone especially when you fall in love with a lesbian.

1. A lesbian can be possessive. When the new love shows a spark of jealousy, beware. As it can be a sign that your lesbian lover is possessive. Jealousy can be sweet since it could mean she cares a lot about you but whenever there is a theatrical drama involved and a lot of questions asked then it could slowly kill a relationship.

2. A lesbian can be a womanizer. Majority of lesbians are true to themselves and to their loved ones but there are those who feel like they can have more than one woman all at the same time. These are the type of lesbians who cannot stand with one woman only and feel like they needed more. A lesbian like this has a hawk eye to spot and seduce women like they are really good at being passionate, intimate and sensual to being wild and naughty with women.  They are more often on a conquest mode than committing into a relationship.

3. The clean bill of health. With the incidence of STDs and HIVs among same-sex relationship, one should be very careful on who they are in contact with. Check the bill of health of your partner before submitting yourself to her. It’s always good to be wary than feel sorry.

4. Lesbian’s Love Easily Fades Away. There are lesbians who are selfish and insensitive to a woman’s feelings that they find it easy to just let one go. These are the confused and coward folks who do not know how to make long-term commitments.

The above are some of the truths about lesbian relationship and are good reasons why you should not enter into a lesbian relationship.

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