Do you feel different? Not because you are gifted with some sort of special talent or special skill or that you have a physical defect, but in terms of how you feel.

Lesbians do feel different. They feel different because they know they like women instead of men.

When you come to realize you like women, instead of men, you start to become wary because you knew you could be a lesbian. You will be more careful of your actions towards anybody, most especially when you are a working professional. You do not want to spill the beans in a non-friendly atmosphere. While others will not care about who and what you are, most women who feel they are lesbians will be more mindful of their dealings towards others.

Knowing deep inside you that you are different, emotionally, and sometimes physically, can be so devastating. You will be emotionally disturbed. You will feel helpless as you knew you will be faced with a daunting task of living a normal life. What can be worse is that it could ruin or make your life miserable as you try to please everybody to live a normal life. As you live on, there will be inner frustrations. But then, you will still make an effort to please family members and friends.

As you reach a certain age, you soon realize what a difficult and complex life you have lived. You try to decipher why you allowed yourself to submit to other people’s wishes when you can decide for your own. You will come to realize that your feeling is not theirs’ but yours and yours alone and that nobody can dictate how you will feel towards anybody. While there will be insults and rejection along the way, what matters most is that type of change within you.

While others have come to accept of who they are and for what they have become, still others cannot accept the fact that they are born lesbians. intends to share the complexities of a lesbian life and how lesbians manage relationships with families and friends as well as how they are able to manage their own lesbian relationships and affairs.