Absense in posting makes readers wonder…

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It’s been months that you have not seen any posting here and most of you may have ever wondered why. It’s because life is full of events that are not under our control. A family member got seriously sick and right now raising of funds for medication is the only hope for survival and, of course, a hope for a miracle to happen too. There is no health insurance to take care of. Left without recourse, work and work and get paid is the only solution, but pay is not enough to meet the medical needs of the patient.

While contemplating on what to do next to raise funds for medication, a sign of hope came up that perhaps this blog can help. Yes, there are readers that are loyal followers and have appreciated the efforts that have been put in here.

If there is one thing to ask, perhaps it is just your support of making it through this hardship — that of funding for the medication of a sick family member where health insurance is not available because it is highly unaffordable.

When life is at stake and it is just a matter of who to turn to, you will not hesitate to ask for support. Any help extended through this blog will greatly be appreciated and “thank you” is not enough.

This is an appeal from the kindness of your hearts. Hoping to raise the necessary funds to buy the medicines is the only ultimate goal so the sick can have another lease of life. And, your prayers too. Thank you all!


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