Age gap relationship issues and solutions

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Are you dating someone way over your age? Or, are you dating someone so much younger than you are.

If you are then take a deep breath and think before you fall into a trap.

Most people who have a huge age gap, say 10 – 20 years age gap, are most likely to fail in the relationship.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. You will not have the same likes. People older have their own thing so with younger ones too. The older one likes the older ways and vice versa.

2. You will not have the same wants. For sure, because of your age gap, your wants will be very different.

3. You will not have the same sense of purpose in life. Older people tend to be more focused in life than younger ones with some exceptions.

4. You will not have the same wave length in any discussion. Older people are more serious in discussions than younger ones.

5. You will not have the same energy in anything you do. As people age, energy fades.

6. Jealousy will always ensue. Older people are the ones that usually gets jealous in the relationship.

As in any kind of relationship, the most that would most likely succeed are those couples who have the same wants and needs and fully understand each other.

So, how do you overcome not to fall into the age gap relationship problem?

Here are a few effective yet very simple solutions:

1. Date someone with your age. Dating someone with your age is the most ideal thing to do. Mostly people with the same age will have the same wants and needs.

2. If you can’t get away with it, date someone with just a 3 to 5 years age difference. In this way, things will most likely be the same as when you are both of the same age.

3. Don’t date someone with an age gap of 10 years and over. They are most likely the jealous ones as they will always feel insecure of themselves. They will always feel that the sooner the later you, as the younger person, will get someone younger or within your age bracket.

While there are those who succeed in their relationship despite the age gap issue, majority of these relationships fail for the reasons above indicated.

Stay away and don’t fall for someone who will later give your life some misery. If it’s not worth it, why bother. Always do a good favor to yourself.

Should you fall into this age gap relationship issue, talk to your inner self whether you can make your relationship work. However, it should not only be you who will do the work. Talk to your partner as to whether or not she is willing to sacrifice things that will work in favor of a healthy relationship. If it seems impossible, then slow down and look for a way to exit.

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