Sometimes having someone right after a bad break-up can help you move on pretty quickly

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anime-drunkIt is normal to look for a perfect lesbian relationship. We all dream of having one. We want our relationship with our parents, brothers and sisters to be as perfect as it can be.¬† We all want to have a perfect relationship with the rest of our family members, friends and colleagues at work. More importantly, we want to have a perfect lesbian relationship with our partners. But, sometimes, life is unpredictable. There are things in life that you can’t control.

When bad things happen in our lesbian relationship, we wish for better things to happen in exchange of the bad. But that is how life is.

Breaking-up with a Lesbian Partner

Breaking up with your lesbian partner is a very painful process especially when both of you are pretty close to each other. Where both partners do all things together, moving on would be a struggle. When hearts are wounded and nowhere cure can be found, the only way out is to break it up. The healing process can take weeks, months and even years. There is no shortcut. Memories will linger that will make your heart suffer in pain. The process of healing is a long and winding road. You can breathe but you can’t eat. While you can eat, you may not be able to sleep or you can’t do both.

It’s part of the healing process where a broken heart will feel as if it is the end of the world. Sometimes you will feel that the world is against you. No matter how you try to pick yourself up from the mess, you stumble and fall. But, one thing is pretty sure — that you have to pick yourself up again and move on.

One way of moving on is to have someone right after a lesbian break-up. Entertaining someone new may not be a bad idea at all because sometimes it may help you move on faster. Some would say it is a bad idea as your broken heart could only feel a rebound of a past relationship. While it may not be simple to enter a new lesbian relationship after a bad break-up, it’s all about reconditioning your mind. Condition your mind and set it free so you can enter a new chapter in your lesbian life.

The Beneficial Effects of Having Someone After a Bad Lesbian Relationship Break-up

  1. You will have someone you can relate to,
  2. You will have someone who can fulfill your needs and wants,
  3. You will have someone who will understand you and for what you’ve been through,
  4. You will have someone who you can turn to,
  5. You will have someone who cares about you,
  6. You will have someone to go out to,
  7. You will have someone to talk to,
  8. You will have someone to inspire you,
  9. You will have someone to motivate you,
  10. You will have someone to snuggle and smooch to,
  11. You will have someone who can help you bring up the pieces for you, and above all,
  12. You will have someone who will love you and who you can love too.

It’s no easy task to get over a lesbian relationship but with the help of someone who cares so much about you, nothing is impossible. Let someone help you move on quick if there is one. It helps!

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