Can long distance lesbian relationship last?

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Love can strike like a lightning, but nobody would probably enter into a long-distance relationship if given the choice. It is, however, unavoidable for people who have no time to meet other people in person. With the advent of the internet and with no time to go out to find the right date, people now tend to find a match called in heaven online.

If it is hard to find a date offline it is much harder to find a date online. It is a very dangerous route to take. However, with extra caution, one can find exactly what they are looking for online. Dating sites now have matching criteria to meet the specific needs of a person.

With online dating, one can never know if the other person is just somebody next door, in another state or probably somebody who is overseas. People who find dates who just live close by find themselves lucky. They can meet up and start to get to know each other better. Unfortunately, it is hard for those who are separated by distance, miles and miles away.

Online dating can be exciting. One can get to know the other person albeit slowly through online chatting. There is also that thrill and excitement to see the other come up online. But, as the relationship develops into a serious matter, the longing to have the other person becomes apparent. The desire to comfort and be comforted is so heartbreaking. Tears of joy will be replaced by tears of heartaches. Phone bills will be piling up and so is the start of some misunderstandings.

Long distance relationship such as this can last. There are so many success stories of two people in love and separated by distance who took the hurdle to make the relationship work. However, it requires trust, understanding and the willingness to sacrifice. Yes, it is hard, but for as long as both parties believe in themselves that they are meant for each other, distance alone can not break that relationship apart.

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