Can Married Women Have Lesbian Feelings?

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It is not uncommon that married women can have lesbian feelings. Every woman, single or married, is not automatically exempt from the possibility that she might one day realize a dormant sexual awareness that she is lesbian or bisexual.

Many of these women have remained married while also actively loving women. Some are out to their husbands and children, others are not. They are a largely hidden segment of the population.

Some wondered about their sexuality, their marriages, and whether they might be more fulfilled in same-sex relationship.

These women are very slow to discover that they have lesbian tendencies. In many cases, they marry, have children and go through the motions of heterosexual life before they start to question their own feelings and decide that such a lifestyle is not what they really want. Many women who had no homosexual experience were curious about what it is like to be with another woman or suspect it might prove more fulfilling.

Lesbianism is more than a simple matter of sexual preference for other women. It is usually more concerned with forming relationship and involves a whole lifestyle built around such friendship.

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