Celebrating Valentine’s Day need not cost a thing

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How would you spend your Valentine’s day with your special someone? Are you going to sweep her feet off with an expensive gift or restaurant dinner? In this time of financial gloom when majority of the people are pinching pennies, what else could you do for your loved one?

Here are some tips that can still bring on the romance on the day of the hearts without burning a lot of cash:

1. Go on inexpensive dates like in places where you don’t have to spend or pay for anything like parks;

2. A simple greeting will do too. As long as the love is there, couples need not go out and celebrate it.

3. Cook an affordable meal for her at home. Women love to be pampered with food especially when it’s prepared by a loved one.

4. Prepare your own romantic gifts.

5. Leave love notes all over.

So if you can’t afford to shower your special someone with expensive gifts this Valentine’s Day, remember that a real kiss will do the job just as nicely. Well, maybe even better!

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