Chemistry is Key in a quest for love

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As more people lose their jobs because of the global economic downturn, more people are also now finding time to go on a date. They tend to be more focused on taking care of their personal lives than ever before.  Some would even seek the help of matchmakers. However, it really doesn’t matter where one finds a date. What matter most is that the chemistry must be present right at the beginning or during the first meeting.

Chemistry is key in creating a connection with a potential partner. When you go on a date, make some personal observation of your potential partner. If she invites you at home, great! You’ll get the chance to observe her surroundings. What does she have on her walls, in her desk, bed or kitchen? This way you’ll get an insight into your future partner.

Weaving those elements into your discussions will help you get an idea of who and what she is. It is not enough for you to sell yourself. Finding common ground helps wow and win over the person in the dating seat.

You need to show that you’re not there to invade her privacy but to learn a lot of her before making a commitment. Looking for commonalities is a good start. In bringing up a topic to build a bridge with a potential partner, you should be truthful about yourself, your hobbies and interests. One authentic connection is worth a thousand words.

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