How to turn a straight woman into a lesbian

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anime-long-sleeveCan a straight woman be converted into a lesbian? You may think that this is highly impossible and that nobody can turn a straight woman into a lesbian since a straight woman will always be straight no matter how convincing your words are or the kind of influence you make.

But yes, it is possible to turn a straight woman into a lesbian or at least let a straight woman enter into a lesbian relationship. There is way of doing it but it is not a guarantee that she will totally turn into a lesbian. At the very least her curiosity will drive her into entering into a lesbian relationship.

A case in point is a friend of mine who was totally straight by heart and by physical appearance. Although she is outgoing she only surrounds herself with straight friends. Her routine is pretty simple — work and home. But then everything changed after watching the Saving Face lesbian movie.

Her story starts this way. One Sunday afternoon, she decides to stay home and not go out with friends as she used to. The decision was not because she doesn’t feel like going out but because she can’t stop thinking about the lesbian movie she received. So, she made sure everybody was out of the house and all doors are locked before watching Saving Face.

When asked about how she feels about the show, she confides that it feels different. This is how our conversation ended when we chatted on YM.

gnilradcotak (8/13/2009 10:41:16 PM): what do you mean it’s hard to love someone of the same sex??? i don’t get it….can you explain? it feels like a gift from heaven…she is my true soul-mate…..very caring and loving….and she’s good in bed…lol……and….super young..i didn’t expect she will like me but she’s in love with me so dearly…and to think..she spent more than 100k  just to see me here…..she wasn’t even planning on the bed thing yet….just spending quality time together only but who would expect ….things happened so fast….we’re so attracted to each other….we were both magnetized….i even told her about you that you’re the main reason that i converted to this kind of thing…hahaha….hope you’ll meet her someday….we’ll visit you when we have the chance.

It turned out that she is with a woman already. Things happen so fast that she ended up being a lesbian now. Was she converted?

The reality is straight women are humans and sometimes they get carried away by a lot of things including falling in love with the person of the same sex. There is a different attraction between persons of the same sex and that can be justified by how intimate they can be with each other.

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