Dating Rules Every Lesbian Should Know on a First-Date

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First-dates happen to everyone — gay, straight, bisexual, including lesbians. First-dates are fun and exciting too. When you are given the chance to meet the person you are interested in, it can even make you awake all night long thinking of what fun ideas you can come up with to make the meeting interesting on your first date. Have you ever thought of what you could bring to make a good and lasting impression on your first-date? You may have this question in mind not too long ago. Have you asked yourself if there really is a dating protocol when it comes to lesbian dating?

If you have been on a first lesbian date already, what is your first lesbian date experience? Did you apply any dating protocol on your first-date? What is it like? Lesbians out there are struggling about dating etiquette and how to best apply them.

Below are some dating rules that you can apply on your first lesbian date:

  1. Ask for a proposed date in advance and set a possible meeting time. If the person is not available on the second request – she may not be interested in you. Move on and do not be grumpy about it. If she accepts on first request, plan a place to go to and what you both can do when you get there. Give your date some time to think about it and if she suggests a place to go then go with it and do not push your own.
  2. Treat your date with dignity and respect. Also applies to online dating, but this comes naturally to people who have already good manners and show consideration for others at all times. When going on a date act like  you want to be treated the same way and be genuine.
  3. Be prepared ahead of time to have few topics to discuss for a light-hearted conversation. If you want to make a good impression on your first-date, be prepared for a few topics to share. The goal is not to put her into boredom during your first date. Make a good and lasting impression and something that will make her call you for a second date.
  4. Pay for the date. If you were the one who initiated the first date then there is no reason for you to ask your date to pay for the bill much less split it between the two of you. It is a big no no on a first-date to give it much thought about who pays what. You want to give your first-date the first and lasting impression so put your actions to work on your favor.
  5. Be on time. This shows respect for your date’s time. If you are running late give her a call.
  6. Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  7. Be close and attentive. Show a keen interest on your date. Make frequent eye contact.  You do not want to make your first date the last date so give her your utmost attention. But being attentive to her does not mean you will also ignore the people around you.
  8. Remember the manners. Always say “thank you” and “you’re welcome.”
  9. Avoid bragging and talking to much about yourself. This will easily give her a bad impression about you.
  10. Do not talk about your ex. This should be a big no no too on your first date. The reason — she does not really want to know. Keep your ex to yourself on the first date and even on the second. A new date is not interested to know your romantic war stories. Talking about your ex is like bringing your ex on the date and will only showcase yourself as a romantic failure. Even if your date talks about her ex, do not follow on her footsteps because it won’t work on your favor. Try to shift the conversation to a more fun subject instead.
  11. Keep the conversation light. Make your first date conversation as light as possible with a combination of humor but do not over do it.
  12. Do not force intimacy because if it happens it happens. If she is not into it, it may probably be too soon for her.
  13. Show her the door after the date. It shows good manners and make a good and lasting impression on you. And, if you make a promise to contact her for a second-date, fulfill that promise within a reasonable time frame or make no promises at all.

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