DC lesbians have a reason to be merry this Christmas

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closeup1Christmas is just a few days away and lesbians in the District of Columbia have a reason to be merry.

The DC council voted 11-2 approving a bill allowing unions of same-sex couples. If the bill, which was approved by the DC council finally becomes law, it will not only allow unions of same-sex partners in the DC area but the whole country as well who want to commit themselves to each other in paper form.

The move is a positive action to show to the world that the District values equal and civil rights. The approval of the bill is the first step toward eventually allowing gay marriages in the nations’ capital.

The bill has 30 days review period before Congress which, by law, has the final say of the city’s bill. The mayor, who is a supporter, signed the measure at All Souls Church known for its welcoming same-sex couples. If all goes well to Congress, DC will then become the sixth place in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage to join Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and Iowa.

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