How to Handle Things With A Demanding Partner

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You will most probably agree that if you have a very busy life and a demanding partner, things will not be easy. It will not be very easy. You will feel like quitting the relationship and just be single again. For all we know, being single is less stressful.

Don’t give up just yet. If you have been arguing about time then focus on what you need to adjust. Maybe it’s time for you to reassess your time management skill. If you can’t live without her then you got to do something to make the relationship work. Talk and explain to her that you just have a rough time and that you have no intention of hurting her feelings and would like to work things out for both of you.

Be prepared and don’t forget to take control of your emotion when explaining. Chances are, in one way or the other, you will be tempted to raise your voice. The secret in getting your partner understand the whole situation is by talking to her in a very soft tone. Problems, in any kind of relationship, will not be solved if both heads are on fire. If your partner doesn’t get your point, just give it a shoot. You will probably hear from her that this is not the kind of treatment she is expecting from you. Nonetheless, confide to her what you feel about her and that you want the relationship to work. If she raises her voice, stop and don’t argue. Give her all your ears.¬† She will definitely get tired and will calm down if she will not hear anything from you. At this point, tell her you need some space and then exit.

Don’t forget to please her the following day by surprising her with fresh flowers or a breakfast in bed.

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