Difference Between A Bi-Sexual and Bi-Curious Woman

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A lot of people are asking what really is the difference between a bi-sexual and a bi-curious woman. Let’s examine each here:

1. A bi-curious woman is one who often wonders what is it like to be in bed with a woman. Her curiousity will push her to enter into a same sex relationship, then try it out to see if she will like it. On the other hand, a bi-sexual woman is one who has tried it with a woman and would be willing to do it again, but still finds men just attractive.

2. A bi-sexual woman is interested in dating both sexes while a bi-curious woman is interested in hooking up with a woman out of curiousity.

3. A bi-sexual woman is someone interested in having romantic or sexual relation with a woman and a man while a bi-curious woman is someone who is confused or feels multiple internal signals from both sexes and is not sure to which category she belongs.

4. A bi-curious woman is only interested in the sexual part of being with another woman while a bi-sexual woman may or may not have sexual relation with a man or woman but finds attraction to both man and woman.

5. A bi-curious woman is a straight woman who is just curious about what it is like to be with another woman while a bi-sexual woman is someone who knew within herself that she can be emotionally and sexually attracted to a man and a woman.

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