How To Get a Divorce in the State of Vermont – A Lesbian Couple Guide

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anime in glassesVermont is the first state in the United States to provide same-sex couples the opportunity to obtain the same benefits and protections afforded by state law to married opposite sex couples by enacting civil unions on July 1, 2000. Since then many took the opportunity to make a commitment to each other — in paper.

However, while some wanted commitments, others wanted to get out of it too after a few months or years of marriage. There are those who find it hard to dissolve the same-sex union because of the requirements set in the old law. That is because in the old law,  a person is required to reside in the state of Vermont for at least six  months prior to filing a complaint for an annulment, divorce, or dissolution of a civil union.

The new law, which took effect on July 1, 2012 , changed that rule. There is no more barrier for gay or lesbian couples to get a divorce if they feel they are no longer happy being together.

The new law now allows same-sex couples with Vermont civil unions or marriages, and who do not live in Vermont, to be be able to legally end their relationships in the Vermont courts. Vermont is also the first state to grant same-sex divorces.

Ending a relationship can be tough but it is tougher when children and properties are involved. It is therefore necessary before entering into a civil union that you know your legal rights especially if children and properties are involved. Knowing your legal rights early on in the marriage or before you tie the knot will certainly help you avoid mounting legal fees later on. It is important to at least know something when things get out of hand. There are various books you can refer to if you are in doubt or need guidance on what steps to take to protect your rights. A Legal Guide for Lesbians and Gay Couples is a good reference guide as it provides the legal steps that define and protect your relationship in the eyes of the law. Do not run the risk of being shut out of each other’s lives and the lives of children. This book will help you make sound decisions as a couple.


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