Do lesbians have long-lasting relationships?

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Do lesbians have long-lasting relationships? Or, can lesbians sustain a long-lasting relationship?

Yes, of course. Because from the moment a lesbian sets an eye on a woman, the intention is to build a long-lasting relationship and no other. This is so true especially if the attraction is so strong that the lesbian cannot get away with the thought of not having the woman in her life. How could a lesbian think of a short-term relationship when she is head over heels on the woman?

Signs of Attractions

The signs of lesbian attraction varies. It can be physical, intellectual or emotional. You can be attracted to a person because of her physical appearance. If you are the average lesbian, you may have the thought of getting into a lesbian relationship with a woman who can help you stimulate your brains. Or, it might be that you are emotionally attracted to a woman because you already both share a deep connection. If a woman is emotionally connected to you, there is nothing you can do that will keep the lesbian away from wanting to be with you. Some people often use physical attraction as their only gauge as to whether to pursue the relationship but some people also would prefer to be with someone whom they have a strong emotional bond already. Be that as it may, attraction comes in many forms and shapes and whether you want to pursue a long-lasting relationship completely depends on your specific needs and wants.

How To Make The Lesbian Relationship Last

Making a lesbian relationship last totally depends on you. You hold the key to a long-lasting relationship. In other words, it depends on how you want your life to be. If you want to see yourself with the same woman you are so deeply in love with for the rest of your life then you will welcome with open arms all trials and tribulations that will come your way. Every relationship is not all happiness. It goes with it heartaches and hardships. You can only sustain the relationship if you are willing to take all the hardships that goes with it. That is the main reason why for the most part some lesbians would go after a woman whom they are strongly attracted to physically because the emotional connection can be built overtime as you go into the getting to know each other stage. It is harder to keep the company of a woman whom you do not share the same level of connection, physically and emotionally.

Building a long-lasting lesbian relationship is hard work, but if you have put in place a good starting point where all the qualities of a woman you have been looking for are already there then it is easier for you to sustain the relationship because you will surely do everything in your power to keep the relationship going. Yes, it takes two to make a relationship work, but if you put your love at the center of it all — no matter what her mistakes are, your love for her will erase everything. In other words, it is you who holds the key to making the relationship work and make it last forever. If you don’t give up on her and work on saving the relationship no matter what, the relationship will last because all that a woman wants is for someone to be there to take care of her and be there for her in good times and bad. If the love is so deep that breaking up is not your thing then you will never have to work to take your ex back.

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