Why you should not enter into a lesbian relationship

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In a relationship, what women are looking for is the character of a person. There are women who prefer to have someone with the perfect character they are looking for than being with someone who have the looks but fail in the character category. The character of a person is the most sought after qualification for most women who are looking for partners to come into their lives.

In other words, it may not matter to a woman if she enters into a relationship with a lesbian for as long as the lesbian has all the characteristics she is looking for.

While lesbians are frowned upon by many, there are women who prefer to be in a lesbian relationship. There are those who go crazy for a lesbian. They would woo them just so they can have them. There are those who would fight for them so that they will not be taken away by another woman. There are those who would leave their husbands because they feel more love and care in a lesbian relationship. And, there are those who would abandon family because they are against lesbian relationships.

It is hard to imagine how all these could happen. A woman leaving her husband for a lesbian and a woman who would fight for a lesbian’s love. It is a kind of relationship that is hard to explain that even science cannot find an answer.

However, no matter how good the character of the lesbian is and no matter how crazy one is about a lesbian, it is not enough if a woman wants to have a child because, definitely, a lesbian cannot give a child. If having a family you can call your own is one of your dreams in life then a relationship with a lesbian may just be a waste of your time. It may not be a wise decision to stick with a lesbian relationship if you want to have kids because this is one issue that can make or break your lesbian relationship. Bringing up the child issue even once in a while can ruin a once harmonious lesbian relationship that you have built for years. This is a fragile issue that cannot be taken lightly if a woman is  really serious in having a baby. Having a baby makes a woman complete though it requires parenting skills like potty training and involves costs and sleepless nights.

In sum, it is more realistic to be in a relationship with a man, despite his imperfections, because he can give a child. It is a choice that one has to take if having a child in the family can give someone a different kind of happiness.

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