Is she falling out of love? Learn how to have that massive spark back into your lesbian relationship

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take ex backIs your lesbian partner falling out of love? Have you figured out why and how you can make that massive spark back into your lesbian relationship?

It is very common that marital relationships will, in one way or another, experience some kind of a dry spell. And, there are many factors contributing to that. Below are the very top two contributors.

The Contributing Factors

1. Money. It is said that “money is the root of all evil.” Arguing about money is the top predictor of divorce. And, the arguments could be longer and more intense than any other type of marital disagreements.

2. Third Party Love Affair. Cheating is an unfortunate reality in many relationships. People engage in extra marital affairs in varying degree and for a multitude of reasons. Some enter into an affair to fill a void in them.

The core reason for divorces and break-ups is mainly dissatisfaction or failing to find satisfaction or happiness in the relationship. One overwhelming reason why people engage in love affairs is to escape. This is very common for couples who are raising children to look for comfort outside of the relationship.

The secondary reason is deprivation. When you feel deprived, you feel the need to fill a void within you and that motivates you to engage in another love affair. If you are emotionally unfulfilled you are most likely to cheat your partner because you feel unhappy in the marriage. However, infidelity occurs even to the not unhappy ones. The driving force could be sexual addiction. Love and romance addicts are driven by the passion of a new relationship.

And, lastly, boredom. Boredom in the relationship could be a marriage killer. It could lead to one to seek new adventures and relationships.

Let Massive Spark Back Into The Relationship

If your are going through a marital dry spell or when you sense any of the contributing factors above, beware. It is time to act and let that massive spark back into your lesbian relationship.

1. Learn the Magic of Making Up. Remember your love story. Remembering how your love started triggers hope, motivation and gives you the strength to carry on. By remembering, it reminds you of how you worked hard together to build your relationship.

2. Listen to love music or watch movies you both truly enjoy.

3. Look at photos and videos of your happy times together.

4. Return to a restaurant you both enjoyed dining together.

And, lastly, heal your relationship by following this “Couples Guide To Intimacy: How Sexual Reintegration Therapy Can Help Heal Your Relationship.” Remember that love is something earned and not found. You got to work hard for it to make it stronger the second time around.

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