How to fight temptation when you are already married

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Temptation. The desire to do something or perform an action that one may enjoy immediately but may probably later regret for various reasons. It is something that makes you want to do something that you know or believe is completely wrong.

It can happen to anyone.

Temptations are everywhere and may strike you at any time. It also comes in many phases. You could be tempted to buy an ice cream though you promised yourself you will not because you are on a diet. Or, buy a dress when you have so many hanging in your closet with still price tags on it.

It comes 24/7. Temptations keep rolling in. But how do you avoid and fight temptation? Especially for married people who have committed themselves to someone that they will stick with each other through thick and thin?

Have you been tempted once in your life?

Yes, temptations can happen and for so many reasons. We easily get tempted to do something when we are faced with attractive things and people around us. Sometimes, we get really tempted that we perform an action just to satisfy our desire and craving, but later on regret doing it.

It may perhaps be alright when you are tempted to buy things you already have if you can well afford it. But, it is a different story when you are married and is tempted to enter into another relationship with someone because you cannot resist it. The woman or the man may be so attractive that you cannot resist the temptation to have him/her in your life.

Have you experienced it? How does it feel? For those who have avoided it, what did you do to fight the temptation?

Have you been tempted and do not have any idea on how to avoid it? Try these proven and tested tips to fighting temptation:

1. Train your brain to avoid temptation.¬† It is training your brain’s ability to contain unwanted behaviors. Think about the end result or the consequences of your behavior if you act a certain way. Will it do you any good? Will you regret it later on? What would be its consequences? These are just few questions that you should be asking yourself before acting on your desire.

For example, if you are tempted to buy something ask yourself if your finances allows. Train your brain by telling yourself you cannot afford it and that you should not put it on credit since the bank will charge you a huge amount of interest at the end of the billing cycle.

2. If married and tempted, think how important is your marriage. Think about your kids if you have any. Are your wife and kids more valuable that an object of art or a total stranger? Consider your spouse’s feeling and that of your kids? Will you be a good role model to them when they grow up? Remember, kids look up to their parents for guidance.

If you are the wife and happens to be attracted to another guy or perhaps a lesbian. You can control your emotion by training your brain not to commit a wrong to your family. Training your brain to function for the good of the family is not hard if you put your heart into it.

3. Be smart and stay connected. Look for strength in your family and friends. Asking help from someone close to you is a sign of strength and not a weakness. Be smart. Don’t ruin a family that you’ve built.

4. Avoid going places without the family. Spend time with your family whenever time allows. Or, if it is a store item that you are tempted to buy bring along a family member and ask them to remind you not to get it.

5. When you go out always remind yourself not to sacrifice your time, money and effort on something just to satisfy your desire. Time, money and effort are very precious that you should allocate them to your family who will always be there for you no matter what happens.

In marriage, it is a very critical issue if one is tempted to commit a wrong to the marriage vows. When one makes a promise it is supposed to be the seal that binds a couple together. However, marriage in itself is not a guarantee that one cannot commit a wrong.

When faced with temptation, always remember the five (5) tips above and these additional tips below:

1. Love your wife. If the foundation of your marriage is strong, nothing can never set it apart. Let the love for your wife grow by remembering the days when you were still courting her. Were you not crazy enough at that time just to get her attention? Why not do the same instead of focusing your attention to another woman whom you do not know or may later on will just hurt you.

2. Focus your energy for the well being of the family. Any woman will always be a subject of temptation when you allow it to sink in in your brain. Avoid it by focusing your energy on some projects you kept hanging for a while.

3. Keep an open line of communication. An open line of communication is the secret to a strong relationship. No hidden agendas. It keeps the relationship healthy if both parties know what each other is doing.

4. Always say “I love you.” Never let a day pass by without saying those words. Life is too short to not let the person you love know how much you love her.

5. Always remain faithful. This is hard for anyone but any man can be faithful to the wife if he will put love at the center of the relationship.








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