Lesbian to straight programs won’t work

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anime-wallA recent study released by the American Psychological Association showed that gay to straight program doesn’t work. It’s kind of frustrating to the people who are behind the program because the study, which is aimed for a good cause, ended with a negative result.

Real lesbians are born lesbians

Real lesbians, meaning those who are born lesbians and not just influenced by peer groups, can attest to the fact that there is no medication or special therapy which can make a difference in their sexual orientation. Lesbians and gays will always be what they are regardless of religious backgrounds, medication or therapy programs.

Emotional struggle to effect change

It’s an emotional struggle to effect change in once life. So much so for a lesbian. A lesbian who tries to change herself from lesbian to straight will be faced with a lot of emotional issues. She will be battling against herself in favor of what she believe is the right thing to do. She will experience an infighting between herself and her feelings which can result in depression and, sometimes, suicidal thoughts.

Religion can play a big role

While religion has a great influence in changing a lesbian to go straight, religion can at times be overtaken by the way a lesbian feel towards herself and her desires and wants. However, religion can have a huge impact in how a lesbian behaves. Religion can tame or influence a lesbian to refrain from seeing or dating persons of the same sex, but not completely erase herself as being a lesbian.

Married Lesbians

There are lesbians who settle with men as a way to escape or hide their sexual preference. Others are of the belief that they are straight, marry the man of their dreams, but later on find themselves in a trap, realizing later in their married life that they are lesbians. While some of these relationships would go a long way, tendencies are high that the lesbian will turn her way back to her old self. Others will be left with no choice because of family obligation.

Real lesbians will always be lesbians

What can make a difference in a lesbian’s life is not religion, medication or therapy. There is nothing that can change a lesbian for who she is. A lesbian will always stay a lesbian, unless she is not a true lesbian or is just influenced by peers or the environment she lives in.

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