GoGirl Makes Every Woman’s Travel More Fun and Enjoyable

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beach girlAre you wondering what GoGirl is all about?

So, what exactly is GoGirl?

GoGirl is an American brand female urination device. It is a personal hygiene product that aid women in urinating while standing up. It is hypoallergenic. It was CAD engineered and refined to fit a woman’s body. It is every woman’s dream who loves travelling. If you can’t take standing up in long lines to pee or stand on a nasty toilet, GoGirl is the thing to have.

GoGirl is a female urination device that allows you to pee while standing up. It’s like what a man does when he goes to the toilet. It’s neat, discreet and easy to use. It fits on your purse or pocket and it’s a must for travel and sports.

What is it made of?

GoGirl is  made with flexible, medical grade silicone. It’s disposable after use or clean and reuse as you like. It has a splash guard that eliminates messing and spilling. It takes practice to master the art of using it but no more than two and you will be ready to go.

Has anybody used it?

Yes, European women have used female urination devices for years and while it maybe new to you when you try it you will see the benefits. Grab a GoGirl and practice in the comfort of your home before travelling.

GoGirl is good for lesbians?

Absolutely! Lesbians are celebrating with this urination device. It is a welcome move to come up with a product such as GoGirl. Come to think of being able to do what a man can do when urinating. You will be happier more than ever at how this product can help you whenever you will need it the most. No more long waits in the ladies room and urinate just like you have ever dreamed of. No more holding up and compromising your kidney. No more sitting on a nasty restroom. It is a healthy choice to grab a GoGirl since it helps you in many ways than one.

So, why waste time? 

Grab a GoGirl now.




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