Good or bad, what is your coming out story?

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Coming out as a lesbian is not an easy thing to do. It comes with a lot of “what ifs”, which can come in so many ways depending on your personal circumstance.

What if your family will disown you?
What if you will be fired from work if you come out of the closet?
What if…

These are examples of situations that could happen when you come out in the open. But again coming out depends on ones personal circumstance.

Coming out as a lesbian may not be hard for one whose family is very accepting and understanding or to a lesbian whose personal demeanor seems so obvious that it does not require telling anyone to know what she is. Or one of the family member is gay and is already out.

Be that as it may, coming out is what every lesbian aspire for as coming out gives us freedom and real happiness to be who we are. It gives us inner peace and a sense of direction.

So, what is your coming out story? Share it to get some kind of emotional relief.

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