Are you grappling with a secret lesbian affair?

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Keeping a secret can be very difficult. This is especially true to people who are not used to keeping one. There are also secrets that are near impossible to keep especially when it becomes juicy.  Keeping a secret requires secrecy, which takes the use of effective tactics that can effectively maintain your privacy. Tactics such as deceiving, evading, lying, cover-up and misleading someone to believe a story told is not true.

In privacy, you, as an individual, have the power to choose which information to disclose and to whom without outside pressure.  In secrecy, you, as an individual, can refuse to disclose certain information to certain parties. In both cases, you learn to apply skills that are normally not considered polite, moral or appropriate. And depending on the level of secrecy of the information you want to remain private, you learn to apply skills you consider justified just like in self-defense. But applying these tactics to keep your privacy does not necessarily mean you are an evil or immoral person. It is, oftentimes, applied to maintain your privacy. Only the use to which you applied these tactics can cause that distinction.

Keeping a secret lesbian affair can even be much harder as lesbian actions become obvious.

In situation like this, there are only two options to take. Either confess the secret lesbian affair or keep it private. Either way, you have to be ready to face the harsh consequences.

Keeping a lesbian affair secret can be stressful

Keeping a secret lesbian affair can be stressful. While it may be less stressful to a single woman, it can be very stressful to a married woman as having a love affair with someone other than the husband is considered to be unfaithfulness and a breach of the marriage vows.

As in opportunities where whenever it comes our way, we either take it or leave so are secrets, we either have to confess it or keep it private. Be that as it may, it is all a matter of choice.

The Choice Can Either Make or Break You

Whatever decision you make as to whether to confess a secret lesbian affair or not, bear in mind that this could either make or break you.

While there is great relief in confessing a secret it may also have a very damaging effect on you as lesbians are already looked upon as abnormal and immoral. There is a great possibility of being disowned by family members, which could further damage one emotionally. But, far worse than that, is when the confession would affect you professionally. Either way, the route you will take can either make or break you.

Sometimes, there are things in life that are better left unsaid. Stories, especially the bad ones, that are much better locked up in a safe vault within you rather than being shared. Keeping a secret is sometimes necessary, especially if you want to salvage your already damaged reputation. This is true in the business world. Why not apply it to your own business.  Keeping your lesbian affair private is your business and you have every right to keep that in deep secrecy.

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