How to handle yourself if you have a crush on a lesbian

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Do you have a crush?

Crush is a burning desire to be with someone whom you find very attractive and extremely special. And, by extreme means, utmost or  exceedingly great in degree.

So, how does it feel when have a crush on somebody? For most people, seeing their crush face to face is fantastic as it brings joy and happiness.

To have a crush is a natural feeling. As people grow older, their sexual feelings develop and change. Having a crush on somebody can really change your world. It is a special feeling you have for another person that can make your world go round.

But, whether you like it or not, you cannot choose to whom you will have a crush on. The feeling will naturally develop within you. You might have a crush on someone who is not that attractive to some people but you find that someone very attractive and special by your own standard. It can be your classmate or schoolmate, a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, your sister’s or brother’s friend, or you could have a crush on a lesbian.

Be that as it may, there are women who are attracted to other women and there are may of them out there. At some point in your life, you may have realized that you are sexually attracted to a female with more “masculine” appearance, a lesbian. Is this something you should be ashamed of?

But, how do you handle if you happen to be a woman who have a huge crush on another woman?

Handling this kind of situation really depends on the personal circumstance of the two of you or between the persons involved. Whatever  the situation you are into, you have to understand that having a crush on someone of the same sex is difficult if your crush will develop an intense feeling which can lead into an obsession that could ultimately be destructive on your part. Your ability to function at work, at home, and your physical body will be affected.

Handling a lesbian crush depends on what options you may take. Here are some tips you may consider:

  1. Watch your steps. If you are too emotional and you cannot think straight, give yourself a break. Analyze the situation.You have to study and carefully assess the situation like what are the possibilities and how things are going to work and how it should be.
  2.  Know where you stand. You have to weigh things. You ultimately do not have control over you initial emotions, but you have the control over your actions.
  3. Just be yourself. Try to stay clean and attractive. Always groom yourself. Keep that nice smell as always. Wear your favorite perfume if need be. Keep your nails and hair presentable and healthy.
  4. Just give her a smile whenever you see her. If you want to choose to hide your feelings and be secretive, just simply ignore your feelings. It can be something that is manageable or it can be something that you can easily overcome. Most women would rather play safe, than take the risk.
  5.  Befriend your crush’s friends. Doing this might help you gain their attention. This is a great way of becoming befriending your crush too. Friendship is a great way to build a good relationship and be comfortable with each other.
  6.  Learn more about her. Know what she likes. Sometimes lesbians are deeply and naturally attracted to women with their physical appearance. Try to know what type of girl she likes.
  7. Try to get into a conversation with your crush. Don’t be shy. Projecting confidence is the key to have a good conversation. Identify things about her that you might be interested in hearing about, and politely you can start asking questions.
  8. Do a little harmless flirting. Laughing at her jokes and making eye contact for her and tease.
  9. Consider the risk of letting her know. Be prepared of the consequences of what will happen next after telling her about your feelings. And if you are really in love and you want to express that feelings to the person then go on.

Some people find that a crush could go something deeper and leave their shyness at the back . You are lucky enough if your crush likes you. If she doesn’t which you might feel that you are dying inside, you will have to accept it. It does not mean that this is the end of your life. You can initially tell if your lesbian crush is not into you. Observe and analyze each and every situation.

Unfortunately, you can’t force someone to start liking you even if you deal with deeper feelings of emptiness, loneliness and frustration.You have to work and earn it. Express it in a healthy way by feeling good about yourself then focus on something else instead of feeling frustrated though frustrations gives us new opportunities to grow and gain self-empowerment. As time goes, you will get over with that feeling sooner than you think.

Knowing these options will lessen your burdens, but the choice will always be yours. Only you can decide what you want to happen or not happen in your life.

Sometimes we leave all things behind on our walk through life, but just because we’ve walked away from something, doesn’t mean we’ve actually let it go. More often than not, we continue to carry within us these things we’ve supposedly left behind for years and even a lifetime.




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