How to heal a broken heart

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Are you in love or were you in love? Love is great when all else are perfect. But what if your heart is broken? How are you going to get rid of the pain?

Mending a broken heart takes time. It takes time and even years to recoup the damage. It takes determination and perseverance to get rid of the baggage that makes one’s life miserable. Moving on is the only right thing to do.

Here are some tips that may help you heal your wounded heart:

1. Relocate. It’s okay to stay in the same place where all the memories are. But can you move on with that? Staying in the same place with all its twin memories is pretty hard. Do you want to wake up each morning in the same bed? Maybe you can replace the bed, but what about the room? Memories are memories whether good or bad. It will always stay no matter what – in the same place. Relocating to some place else will give you room to breath. Fresh sorroundings, new neighbourhood and new friends are all perfect for a new you.

2. Take a vacation. Sometimes taking a nice vacation is helpful to not think about what happened. A week in the beach or a cruise, or perhaps a world tour if you can afford it. Give yourself that luxury you deserve. After all, it’s all about you.

3. Go out. Don’t isolate yourself in your room. Open the window, get some fresh air and let sunshine come into your room. Dress up and go! Watch movie perhaps with a couple of friends or dine in your favorite restaurant. It’s also relaxing to do window shopping. Just walking around the mall lets you forget a wounded heart.

4. Pursue a Passion. Do you want to go back to school? Why not do it now? It’s time for you to pursue a passion that you’ve been craving for. Maybe you want to do rock climbing. It’s a good stress reliever. There are some rock climbing groups that you can join in. Perhaps you want to be a good cook. Why not pursue that passion. Maybe after the whole course, you might end up putting up your own restaurant. Isn’t it great! Remember, it’s all about you.

5. Make more friends. Sorround yourself with friends. Friends are great to hang out with and they can also give you some good advice.

6. Volunteer. There are organizations that need volunteers. Why not volunteer your time to some charitable work. You are not only helping people in this endeavour but you are also helping yourself.

If there are other tips you wanna share. Share it here to help others.

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