How to Keep a Lesbian Love Alive

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Romance is said to just come naturally and, if it doesn’t or the original closeness between two people in love starts to subside, it only means one thing — something is wrong. The same holds true in a lesbian romance.

It’s a fact of life. All types of relationships have its ups and downs. Keeping it alive requires a lot of hard work from parties involved. It requires time, attention and the willingness to keep things fresh and learn how to constantly reconnect. Here are some tips to reconnect with your partner and keep the lesbian love alive.

1. Value the relationship. After the initial excitement of being together is over, many fall into a routine and starts to take things for granted. A partner feels that they know the other much better and that it would be okay to be home late for dinner or forgetting anniversaries. Unless people care and value each other, it is easy for the feelings of love to fade away.

At this stage, it is necessary for both parties to act together and salvage the relationship. Think of ways where you can spice up the relationship. Reconnect by taking a vacation, watch movies together, eat out together and just spend more time together. Make each other feel cared and loved for. Don’t take simple things for granted. Be creative to make the relationship always alive.

2. Understanding Expectations. Some people enter into a relationship with expectations and, if unfilled, cause them to disconnect from the other. People have many kinds of expectations and dreams that disappoint them if not being met. This matter should always be on top of the discussion before going further into the relationship. Remember, this could make or break a relationship. Talk it out. What are your expectations from your partner? Will you stick it out with your partner despite the failure?

3. Don’t forget to say “I love you”. People tend to forget that saying “I love you” brings magic to the ears. Keep saying it even when the whole world is down.

4. Give your physical affection. Keep that romance by starting and ending each day with hugs and kisses.

5. Confide with each other. Don’t forget that your lover can be your very best friend. Confide whatever it is that you feel. Be open to each other. Laugh and cry together.

Make the love even stronger. Remember, you are in it for the long haul and the reason you courted her is because you want to be with her for the rest of your life. Show her the best of who you are and what you’ve become because of her.

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