How to make the lesbian love last forever

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Are you a lesbian and currently is in a lesbian relationship? Have you ever wondered how you can make that lesbian love boiling in your heart right now to last forever simply because you do not want to lose her? How exactly can you make your love last forever when everything in this world is so uncertain including love? And, do you believe in forever?

Yes, it is not easy to find that one true love. With so many things going on in the world right now, you cannot just trust your heart to anybody you meet offline much less online.

Finding a date

Say, for example, that in your desire to find love, you network with friends and even test the online dating scene. And then, unexpectedly, you meet a woman you are strongly attracted to. You try to find ways to get her attention. Then finally you are able to get her phone number. You set up a date and make efforts to continuously make contact with her. Then after months of dating — you feel, deep inside, that — this is it! You are drawn to her and you really feel that she is the right one for you. Your heart finally decided, after so many days and nights of phone conversations and intimate meetings, that she is the “perfect” one for you. You see that she has all the qualities of the woman you are looking for and you are dying to spend the rest of your life with her. She takes your breath away every passing day. You are in love.

The lesbian dating

Your love life is on fire. You continue to go out on a date whenever and wherever time allows to get to know each other more. You cannot allow days to pass without seeing her. You feel complete and happy when you are around her. She made your life like heaven. She made you so inspired in everything you do. She made you set goals that you never imagined to the highest level because you want to give her all that you can. Then you both decided it is time to spend life together.

The lesbian living

The love that binds you both made you decide that it is time to stay together as couple under one roof. You both made arrangements who pays what and who will do what. The few months of living together were all picture perfect. Everything runs smoothly as you have wanted. Both of you were happy and contented with what you have. Then things changed. There is jealousy. There is anger. You started to have misunderstandings. Then misunderstanding becomes argument. Then argument gets down to being physical. You feel like you made your biggest life’s mistake. Life was miserable and you wanted to break free. You feel that love is slowly fading away. Your relationship is a failure.

The lesbian love

Remember the first time you meet. Cherish it. Try to imagine the day when you first saw her. What draws you to her? What brought you to live the present time with her? Remember what strikes your core when you try to find ways just to get to know her, find the time to date with her and then, finally, decide to live together with her. Memories like these will allow you to remember the “love” that brought the two of you together. The burning fire that was called “love” that drove you to her. Make that “love” the center of it all and everything will be back to where it was before. Arguments will become forgiveness and fighting will become intimacy – if you will just let the love in. Give love a second chance. This is the key to making your love last forever. Couples in disarray who have allowed love to come back to their lives can attest to that. Life will be as beautiful as ever the second time around if you give love a second chance.




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