How To Secretly Keep A Lesbian Affair

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It’s not going to be easy. Keeping a lesbian affair a secret requires a lot of effort on both parties. Some lesbian couples are quite good in keeping their relationship a secret while others are not.

If you want to keep yours a secret, here are some tips that may help you along the way:

1. Don’t let the attraction become so obvious. It’s given that temptation is always there when you are around with your partner. But, what if there are other people present? Like, when you are both attending a family party? The situation could be very difficult. A little mistake would be a disaster. Stay calm and just be who you are.

2. Avoid public display of affection. Lesbians, as women, are known to be intimate. Hold your breath! Try to avoid being intimate or showing affection when you are both in public. You’ll never know — somebody might recognize you. Conservative people will immediately judge people’s actions even if it’s just a mere holding of a hand.

3. Talk over the phone when nobody is around. The temptation to say sweet things to your loved one is always there when you hear her voice. Wait! Look around first before making that sweet talk. Yes, it is easy to say, but the consequence could be very hard on you. Be creative instead! Use your own language or code that you both only understand.

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