Tips On How To Spot A Lesbian

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Friendship between girls can be very close. There is, however, a thin line for friendship. If you suspect that someone is a lesbian for acting outside of this friendship, then read on.

1. The Dress. Lesbians like wearing collared blouses with almost the same style. They like striped blouses and long sleeves too. However, there are those who are really good in covering themselves up with girly stuff. And there are those who are just plain obvious. It’s hard to know so read on.

2. Eye movement. Watch carefully how she looks at girls passing by, especially pretty ones. Will it make her head turn around? If so, then that’s a sign. More so, if it will make her follow the girl. A sign of interest? Absolutely!

3. Haircut. It’s hard to spot right away by just weighing on at hairstyles. Some lesbians are pretty good at maintaining girly hairstyles. If she maintains, however, a short hair style, then that is something to look out for.

4. Verbal language. Showing disgust or no sign of interest on discussions about lesbian or gay issues is a sign.

5. Body movement. Watch how she moves. Is it so different?

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