How To Survive From A Relationship Break-Up

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Everybody wants to have a steady and stable relationship. Who would not want to be happy and be with the one they love? You both worked so hard to keep the relationship going, yet you both feel that something isn’t just right. Love fades away and misunderstandings come in.

They say money can’t buy happiness. You may have everything in life, but there will always be a feeling of emptiness within you when you don’t have anybody to share it with. While this may not be true for some, this holds true for others.

It doesn’t matter who leaves who. Whether you left your partner or she’s the one who left you, the pain is hard to bare. Moving on is like climbing the highest peak of a mountain. Questions will come to mind as to whether or not you will be able to survive.¬† Chances are very slim if the memories kept coming back. Frustration, loneliness and emptiness will haunt you every minute of the day.

Here are some tips on how you can easily transition yourself after a hard break-up:

1. Acceptance. Learn to accept the things you cannot change. You will be in a denial mode for about 1 to 3 months after a hard break-up. And something at the back of your mind will always say that “this is not happening.” Take a very deep breath, once in a while, if you feel this way. Accept, accept and accept. That’s your only choice.

2. Feeling Angry. At this stage, you will just feel angry. You will feel angry towards your partner and yourself. Give yourself a chance. Get angry! Shout out loud. Release all the pain that’s inside you. It will help relieve the pain. Get out of her way and try to live separately. Staying together will just give you so much pain rather than easing that pain.

3. Get support. If you are hiding this relationship from family and friends, you might consider getting support from the lesbian community in your area. These groups are always open to help members of the community. If you have a friend who is aware of your sexual preference, let her know what you are going through. Don’t be shy. At this time you need a friend who is there to listen to you and give advise.

4. Get some diversion. You need an outlet. Go out! Don’t feel miserable and isolate yourself at the four corners of your room. Watch movie, go to the gym or do some volunteer work. Keep in mind that you alone and no other can help yourself move on.

5. Grieve. Let yourself grief. It’s okay to cry and be sad. That is normal. Once you get through this, you will feel very alive again.

6. Closure. Get over it and move on. Think that in life everything is not perfect. There are some failures and frustrations. On the other hand, think of the bright side of life. Put a closure to the bad memories and think of the good things that are yet to come.

7. Stay focused. When you feel you needed someone after a hard break up, be wary. At this stage, you are very vulnerable. Stay focused and don’t settle for less just because you’re missing someone. If you have to put a reminder on you bed, do it! Have a peace of mind at least for the time being.

8. Let it go. To let it work on you, think that you’re letting go of a bad relationship. Dump that feeling and move on.

9. Stay fit. Keep a good hygiene and make yourself fit again. Feel good and look good.

10. Pray. Miracles do happen. Pray. It works!

Lastly, grab a copy of this Breakup Blueprint. This book provides guidance on how to survive a relationship breakup and get back in the game.

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