How To Tell Your Bestfriend You Like Her Without Losing The Friendship

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As humans, lesbians do fall in love easily. Although they have different tastes and standards, lesbians by all means are just like men. They are into women who are physically attractive.

A lesbian who finds her best friend attractive will have a hard time dealing with her feelings. She will then have to choose between her feelings and that of keeping the friendship.

Here are some tips that maybe of help when faced with a situation like this:

1. Communicate. Talk with your best friend and tell her how you feel. Explain to her that you’ve been this way all along and that you just kept the feelings to yourself for fear of losing the friendship. If she understands you, great!

2. Avoid her. If you are too shy to communicate then try to avoid her for the time being until such time that you’re ready to talk. By then, you may be sure of your feelings. Chances are she may approach you and ask what is going on. Be prepared to tell her how you feel. Explain that you don’t expect yourself to feel that way and that you are sorry.

Either way, you have to make a decision for yourself and for the sake of your friendship. When I explained to my best friend what I feel towards her, she told me that we can still be the best of friends despite my sexual preference.

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