How Will I Know If I Am Lesbian?

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You should check your gaydar screen if you start to like women because, chances are, you are a lesbian. Liking, however, is not enough to fully consider yourself a lesbian. It might just be an admiration or just plain attraction. If it is, then it’s normal.

People can be attracted to different people at different points in their lives. If you start, however, to think a lot about the same girl then you need to recheck yourself. If the attraction is so strong that you cannot get it over with, then something is wrong. You may not know it but other people will. People around you will start to notice your actions. Remember, action speaks louder than words!

Here are some things you need to consider:

1. Does your belly do flip-flops when you are with the girl you are attracted to?

2. Do you think of her every time you listen to your favorite music on the radio?

3. Do you fantasize about her?

4. Do you like spending time with her more often?

5. Do you enjoy your time with her?

While trying to figure out your sexuality, you should also consider what is in your heart and your head. You do not have to sleep with the person to actually figure it out.

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