If this happens to you, what would you do?

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A lesbian couple was kicked out of a hotel restaurant after sharing a kiss.

This headline story caught the attention of many lesbians. It’s a story that perhaps many lesbians would agree it happens to them at some point in their lesbian lives. If it happens in the United States, it could happen anywhere in this world.

If this happens to you? What would you do?

Will you fire back and get at them or just leave and let the situation go? Perhaps you and your partner will just stay put and continue what you both are doing. Human instinct would always tell us to be calm and explain your side whenever there is an opportunity. If they listen to your story, great! But, if not, then let it be and move on. What else can you do?

Read the full story of a lesbian couple who were been booted out from a restaurant while celebrating their anniversary. The reason for the boot is the allegedly “inappropriate behavior” when they were seen hugging and kissing in their table that made customers “uncomfortable.”

The management however apologized and the couple ended up being invited again at the restaurant to get free drinks as a partial recourse.




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