Is there jealousy in lesbian relationships?

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Absolutely! Jealousy is present in every kind of relationship, including lesbian relationships. If you value a person, it can make you jealous when there is a perceived threat, real or imaginary, in your relationship towards that person.

For example, a woman who fell in love with a lesbian because she made her feel she had “finally come home” to a safe and secure place can experience the most painful aspect of her jealousy as “feeling abandoned and all alone” if something goes wrong with their lesbian relationship.

Jealousy cannot be avoided. It can even sometimes blind you. It can distract you so much so that it can even affect your ability to see clearly what’s right from wrong.

While some tend to shy away from people who are the jealous type, some prefer to have them because it proves that true love exists in the relationship.

If you are tormented when your lesbian partner looks at someone else or if your imagination torture you with romantic scenarios that don’t include you, you may already be experiencing jealousy. Jealousy is a real life issue that plagues many relationships including lesbian relationships.

If your jealousy is causing you to feel scared and afraid that your lesbian partner will leave you for someone else and you will be left alone, talk it out with your partner before it gets worse. However, if your jealousy is something that is  out-of-control and constant questions are bombarded to your lesbian partner, questions like — where have you been, who you’ve been with and what you were doing, these can sometimes irritate her that can lead to mistrust and misunderstanding in your lesbian relationship.

When there is love, there is jealousy. Who doesn’t? The reality is you will get tormented when your lesbian partner looks at someone else.


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