It’s the law: Priority seating for persons with disabilities and to seniors

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It’s posted in all public transportation wherever you go. It’s the law. The letters are bold and thus are readable enough.

In America it states:

Priority Seating! Federal law requires that these seats be available to persons with disabilities and to seniors. But what happens when those who have already taken the seats do not want to give it up?

This usually happens during rush hours, usually in the afternoon. After office hours, people are mostly tired and want to be home with their families. Some of these folks even fall asleep while waiting for their next stops. So, whenever an elderly person gets in to ride nobody cares because either one is too tired and too sleepy to move or give away his/her seat.

This is what happened one afternoon.

An elderly woman tried to convince a lady to give up her seat insisting that the seat is reserved for seniors and persons with disabilities. The lady however did not give up her seat. Fortunately enough, a guy offered his seat. The old woman was grateful and said to him, “Oh, you look as though you are a senior too.” Then people started to laugh and smile at what the old woman said. Then a lady near the guy looked at him and said, “I hope it does not hurt your feelings.” The guy shakes his head and said no. Then the elderly said, “What I meant is you should be the last person to offer your seat.”

Priority seating! It’s the law. The elderly deserve some serious consideration even if there is no law. They deserve some respect and, while they may be mean sometimes, it is how they should be treated.

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