How To Start Dating Someone You Like – A Lesbian Dating Guide

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shy animeIs it true that a lesbian who remains in the closet would not dare start a date even if she really likes someone? You knew the answer if you are one. But, what if the woman is strongly attracted to you too? Would you try to succumb to her wishes and thus fulfill your wishes too?

Some may do and take advantage of the situation given that both parties have mutual feelings for each other.

Have you experienced a mutual understanding like this? Beware!

It’s too soon to go for it. In other words, give it some thoughts before plunging yourself into this kind of situation. Chances are it may just be an infatuation. Or, she¬† may not really be into you. It may be that you are feeling lonely and wants someone right away to get rid of the loneliness. Test the waters first before giving yourself fully.

Ask yourself these questions?

1. Is she really the one I am looking for? You can do this by befriending her first. Think many times what is it that you really want in a woman.
2. Does she have what I am looking for? While you both are taking a walk, study and observe her. If you are happy with what you see then maybe she is the one.
3. Does she have the qualities I am looking for? Some people would prefer looks over attitude. Some do the opposite. But, whatever it is the most important thing is to look for something that is in her that you really don’t want to get away with.

It is nice to have both since it would be picture perfect. However, that is not the case for so many folks out there. There is always something that will not work the way you want it to be.

The best way to start a conversation so you will be able to assemble your thoughts when you get home about this woman that you are interested in is to invite her over a cup of coffee. There is a good book that you can start with that can give you some ideas on how to start a date over a cup of coffee. Is It A Date or Just Coffee? Grab and read it and learn how a cup of coffee can make a difference in your life.

If you choose to keep yourself a secret that you are into women then perhaps you should start reading “Keeping You A Secret.” In other words, you hide your true self from the other person while you are trying to grasp each moment with her. In this way, you will have a true understanding of what you want out of life and thus giving you an option to tell her what you truly feel when the time is right.

You don’t want regrets in life. And, it is wise and just to look into things deeper beyond the imaginary. A lesbian relationship is not something that you can toss away with when you don’t feel like it anymore. To ride on is not the game. And, striking when the iron is hot is not a good game plan. A wise plan is to manage your emotion and each and every situation in such away that there will be no regrets later on.

As a human being, you would not like to hurt a woman’s feeling as when she’s in love she is really in love. There is no turning back but always moving forward. A woman is so fragile that when hurt the pain goes deep into her inner core. Love begets love. Be gentle and she will show you kindness.

All of us wants to have a perfect relationship in perfect harmony. While finding a lover for life is no easy task you can find one if you work really hard for it. There is no easy way to go but to take some pain to gain in the end. “Finding A Lover For Life” is a good book that can give you some insights in finding someone who will be there for you through thick and thin.

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