Does your lesbian affair have you stressed?

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breaking-upAn affair can provide excitement to a bored and lonely soul. It can provide adventure to the restless and can tune up a full romance but, sometimes, it can also have you stressed.

Same holds true for lesbian affairs. A lesbian affair can be very exciting, fun and can provide a lot of adventure to a restless soul.

The Lesbian Love Affair

Remember when you first meet? How did you feel about it? What was your first reaction? Or when you hear her voice for the very first time? Did it excite you or were you scared? Yes, it does give excitement to a bored and lonely soul knowing she can be your potential partner. You go on a date, once, twice, then over and over again until you realize you are falling for her. Suddenly, you feel very empty without her. What you did was … let yourself love her more. Then things change — the lesbian affair is putting you under a lot of stress.

The Stressful Realization

A lesbian affair can be intense or it can be complicated and have you stressed. A lesbian affair can produce an intense romance when the parties involved are ready to enter into a lesbian relationship. This is true for lesbians who are single, ready and totally out to family and friends. Or it could have you stressed.

A case in point is a lesbian affair with a married woman who has kids. As majority of these married women will go after the welfare of their kids rather than go and fulfill their lesbian dreams, it can be frustrating and disappointing to the other person. It can cause a stir in the relationship and it could be very stressful. Arguments will ensue resulting in heartbreaks.

Same is true when a third party is involved. Knowing your lesbian partner has found somebody else can be very stressful as you try to go and find out what could be the cause of her flirting with other girls.

So, how do you avoid all the stress? Below are some helpful tips:

1. Make yourself available to single women. Don’t settle for less when there are a lot of choices out there. Move on, unless you see a sign that your married partner is in it for the long haul.

2. Look good and feel good. In other words, keep up the hygiene, the charm, the good looks, etc. intact.

3. Don’t forget to love yourself. In other words, don’t give all your love but leave something behind for yourself. When it’s time to tear the love apart, it would be easier for you to move on.

4. Always keep in touch with friends. Sometimes we forget our friends when our attention is focused on the one we love the most.

5. Trust in yourself. You are the only one who can make things better for yourself.

6. Know that things happen for a reason. There are things in life that happens for a reason and it could mean that something better awaits you.

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