How to let a lesbian know that you are attracted to her

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anime-teesWhile it is very unlikely for a straight woman to be attracted to a lesbian, it does happen in some mysterious ways. Straight women usually frown upon lesbian encounters and are more likely seen around dating men rather than women. However, there is a recent evolution taking place of formerly straight women now finding themselves dating other women. A rise in married women with lesbian affair is quite alarming that it became an episode of the popular “Oprah Winfrey Show” called “Wives Who Confess They are Gay.”

Straight Woman Attracted to a Lesbian

A straight woman who finds herself attracted to a lesbian in a romantic way will find her feelings very strange. Strange indeed that she will start questioning her own identity and try to find answers by tracing back her roots.Β  Others will test the waters to convince themselves who they truly are.

Straight Woman in Love With a Lesbian

Falling in love with a lesbian for the first time may be hard to accept but sometimes the feeling can be overpowered by the burning desire to be around the lesbian. There is the desire or the longing to hear the lesbian’s voice then the craving for intimacy. This usually happens when the connection is so strong that a right thinking can be overtaken by the desire to be with the other person.

Deliver the Lesbian Love

“You can run, but you can’t hide.” Yes, you can hide your feelings, but you cannot run away from it. This is true if your feelings towards the lesbian is getting too intense. It can be a mind boggling emotion just thinking about how to let her know that you are attracted to her.

Get your message clear with the following tips:

1. A Note. You don’t have to directly say the words,”I Love You.” Initially, you can say something like, “I Like You.”

2. Talk to her like you would in a lover or communicate with her more often.

3. Invite her to do the things you like. For example, you can invite her to join you in your afternoon jogging session and wipe the sweat off her face.

4. Volunteer to do the things she can not do. She may think it as a friendly gesture but you can add more juice to it. For example, include a post it note like “labor of love” in the finished project you did for her.

5. Say it! This is the fastest way to get your message through. Say it from your heart. Be honest and you’ll find out.

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