Lesbian Movies Worth Watching

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Worth watching for lesbian couples who have a lot of free time to spend together or those who are curious about the lesbian world and would like to learn more about them, the following movies are products of intelligent productions.

1. Saving Face.  A Chinese-American lesbian romantic comedy to start. The story is about a young surgeon, portrayed by Michelle Krusiec as Wilhelmina, who kept her sexual orientation secret from the conservative Chinese community of flushing New York. When her mom becomes pregrant and was kicked out from her parents home, Wil was turn between juggling her mom’s secret with her own, which include her sparky new romance with Vivian (Lynn Chen). Vivian is a ballet dancer and the daughter of Wil’s boss. This is a great movie to watch.

2.  A Love To Keep. This is an epic lesbian love story in a period of overt homophobia and social oppression. A true story of two women’s love which endures during one of the most turbulent historical periods. The women are teachers in Spain during the final years of Spain’s dictatorship. They met, became friends, then roommates and ultimately became soul mates and lovers. During Spain’s dictatorship, homosexuality is illegal and so they were forced to end their relationship. This is not an easy movie to watch as you get to see the ordeal of the two women in love.

3. The Kiss. A story of two childhood friends reunited after 10 years of separation only to discover how much their lives have changed and how different they have become.

4. If These Walls Could Talk 2. A story of a woman who loses her partner of 50 years who could not grieve over the loss of her loved one and just kept her love a secret even in death.

5. Kiss Me. This is a love story with a twist: two stepsisters-to-be fall in love, creating turmoil and heartbreak for everyone involved.

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