Lesbian Happiness and Why it is Important Despite Your Sexual Orientation

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Happiness is a decision. You can be happy right now and for every moment to come for the rest of your life. It all depends on you. Being happy is the most powerful skill you can learn. But, can you be a lesbian and still be happy?

A lesbian can be happy. It all depends on how she’s taking care of things. She can be happy with family and friends or she can be happy with the one she loves. It’s all a matter of decision making.

Deciding between family and love is a very tough decision. Making a decision, however, is the only way to happiness.

A lesbian coming from a family who is not open to the lesbian way of life will have a very tough time. Will she choose love of family or love for someone else? Watch “Family Pack,” where the mother accepts her lesbian daughter.

A father who struggles to accept his lesbian daughter is caught between love of family and love of family’s reputation. He will have a difficult time dealing with the daughter who he found to be a lesbian and, in the end, might thought of leaving the family. Will he choose love of daughter or love of the family’s reputation?

It’s all human nature that we all seek for love and acceptance. For lesbians, family acceptance is the only way to find true happiness. It’s only then that she can be a lesbian and still be happy.

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