What would you do if a lesbian likes you?

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thinking-pictureThe Universal Law of Attraction, considered to be the most powerful law in the universe, has been defined as “like attracts like” or simply put “that which is like unto themselves is drawn.”

Be that as it may, there is reason to believe that women, in general, have the tendency to be attracted to other women. In other words, even a straight woman can be attracted to another woman. So, could it be that all women are slightly lesbians?

What would you do then if a lesbian likes you? Or when a lesbian is attracted to you?

Here are some helpful tips. You can choose to ignore or follow. It’s all up to you.

1. Be straight forward. Don’t panic! It’s normal and it’s overwhelming to hear nice words from a lesbian. It’s surely is good stuff! Say it upfront that while you like her as a friend you don’t like her as your lesbian lover. Say it nicely by adding that you would prefer to have her as a friend than as a lover. Tell her that your relationship with her would be better of as friends than lovers.

2. Ignore her. Lesbians will know when a woman likes them. Ignore her if a lesbian says she likes you. Ignoring can work out best if you don’t really know the other person well. However, if you have been long time friends, ignoring her can be offensive. The best way to handle a situation like this would simply be to follow Tip #1.

3. Ride on. There are many type of lesbians who would consider riding the situation as a good opportunity to get to know the other person. The downside is it can hurt the other person’s feelings if the intention is not good.

4. Spread the word. You may want to scare the lesbian off of you by spreading the word to everyone you knew. Beware! Think before you let emotion dictate you. Ask yourself these questions. What could possibly happen if I tell my friends about the lesbian who likes me? Will they hurt her? Will they say bad words to her? What if I share it only to my mom or perhaps dad? If you are an adult, would sharing too personal issue to your friends affect your personal life and perhaps career?

5. Smile and be happy because it shows you are an attractive person.

The above are tips to help you wade through a situation where you know a lesbian likes you and you do not know what to do or where to go or whom to share it to.

If you have other tips to share, share it here.

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