How to let go of someone you love

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letting-goShe swept you off your feet. She gave you love and affection. She gave you first class attention and gave you a sense of direction. You strongly feel like you’ll never love anyone anymore.

Then things changed. Her love change. The tender loving care is gone. She ignores you. Then one day she tells you someone else swept her heart away and then from the look upon her face you know it’s true. Hearts change, feelings change. Then your relationship with your lesbian lover change. Face it and accept it!

It hurts. For a start, yes! As you are betrayed. The pain will go deep inside you. And then you start to think how you are supposed to live without her now that you’ve loved her for so long. You asked yourself how you can carry on when all that you’ve living for is gone.

Shed a tear. Cry out loud if you can but don’t breakdown. You’re a human being and it’s normal. You knew you built you’re world around her but you know deep inside you got to carry on. Accept the change. Explanations from her makes no sense if she’s unwilling to hold on to the love you both knew when you first started.

Breakout and find a way to let go. It would be too foolish of you and selfish if you keep someone who don’t have any feelings towards you anymore.

Let go by putting away all the pictures and all the memories left behind. Unchain your heart that’s holding on and let go. It  may be the hardest thing to do as letting go of someone you love is never easy. It would be a slow and difficult process that you have to go through. It’s hard to start a life alone but you can learn and try. Say the word it’s over and say the word “Good Bye.” Watch as your love also fades away.

Start to live a life alone by putting all the memories away. Accept the things you cannot change and think that things happen for a reason. Think of the good times and be happy and grateful that you were once a part of this person’s life. Think that the only thing in this world that can carry you is YOU. Heal your broken heart. In time, your feelings will change and you’ll see the difference.

Go with the saying: “If you truly love someone, set her free.” Look at the bright side of life ‘coz life is beautiful. Someday somewhere that person will open her eyes and realize how much she had lost — YOU.

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