How Do You Know If Your Lesbian Partner Is Jealous?

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Do you consider jealousy as a sign of love? Sometimes? Or, most of the time?

When you get jealous, there is a mixed feeling deep inside of you. Take for example a situation where your partner flirts with another woman, how would you feel? Do you feel the same? Or, do you feel outrage? Sometimes when you are really jealous, you get hurt, angry, and want revenge. You want to get even. However, because of love, even when you are already hurting, you still feel it is alright. There is a mixed feeling that depends each and every situation you are in. You may accept your partner flirting with another woman or you may not, which can result in jealousy.

Jealousy is an emotion, sparked when one feels threatened that your partner might not be faithful to you, or for fear of losing someone you deeply love. These are negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and can evoke many controversial feelings in a person.That person may not intend to hurt your feelings, but they are jealous in some ways.

Like any romantic relationship, most people want a healthy relationship. Every one wants a feeling of happiness together with a life partner. But there is no such perfect relationship specially when your partner gets jealous more often. Sometimes the relationship can be in so much trouble if you have a partner who always instill in her mind that you are unfaithful to her.  Jealousy can be a very destructive emotion.

Being in a lesbian relationship can be both exciting and challenging. Challenging in the sense that you will still be surrounded with temptations just like you are in a straight relationship. When temptations cannot be avoided, it can raise a red flag to a loyal partner. She will nonetheless see the signs no matter what or how hard you try to avoid being caught. Handling jealousy in a relationship can be very difficult to both parties. But if the feeling is strong, acceptance will always be there. You will convince yourself that what is happening is just part of the relationship.

But, how do you really know if your lesbian partner is jealous?

Here are telltale signs of a jealous partner:

  • She is suspicious. From time to time, she checks on you. Your whereabouts and who you are with. She easily gets angry if you cannot reply her messages. She will keep on asking where and who you are with.
  • When you talk to a guy, she becomes very quiet to the extent that it becomes obvious she is just pretending she doesn’t really care but acts weird the rest of the day like ignoring you and creating a fight for no reason. She maybe doing her best to hide her jealousy.
  • Your partner hates to see you talking to somebody else beside her.
  • Whenever you are with people, you will see that she is constantly staring at you. In this scenario, she is keeping track of you to see how you interact with other people .
  • She will be uncomfortable if you admire somebody who is attractive.
  • She will get upset if you talk about your past relationships thinking you might go back to your ex.
  • If you receive a call from a friend and it seems you are enjoying the call, all of a sudden you see her mood change quickly and she become upset.
  • She will keep on asking if you really love her  and always needs a lot of reassurance.
  • She feels uneasy when you are having fun with friends and insist on knowing what time you will be done.
  • She always wanted  that she is your first priority.
  • Often blames you of something and doesn’t give you a chance to explain or even talk.
  • She has a constant fear of losing you or afraid that maybe you might end up with somebody else.
  • She does anything that scares you in any way — harsh words, weird behavior, making accusations.

Jealousy can be part of healthy relationship as it is normal to get jealous. The important thing is when jealousy comes in one must take control of ones emotion. Jealousy is not healthy when it involves physical and verbal abuse. A jealousy that is healthy is one that shows concern and that of being protective to a partner. A healthy jealousy guards and supports a relationship.

Keeping the relationship healthy is worth an effort to take. To have a life that you love requires some type of risk taking. It is human nature to be protective about our partner but it is not normal to take it to a level of violence.

The secret to a perfect lesbian relationship is letting the love come in.



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