How to get over a lesbian relationship

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pretty-animeGetting over a lesbian relationship is a painful process. Anyone who has gone through an unsuccessful lesbian relationship can attest to the fact that the ordeal can be devastating.

But — life has to go on and you have to move on!

Here are tips to help you through if you are trying to pick yourself up from a broken lesbian relationship:

1. Get up and take a hot shower. It is refreshing and you get to think things through while you make bubbles in the tub.

2. Exercise. Get that blood circulation great as it used to be. It helps diminish if not eradicate stress, depression or boredom.

3. Talk to friends. Sometimes sharing can ease the pain. A word of caution, however. Talk only to someone you can trust if you don’t want to spill the beans. Are you out? Then it’s fine.

4. Open your window. Let the sunshine in. It helps draw positive energy.

5. Go places. If you can afford, take a long vacation. Go places you’ve always imagined visiting.

6. Volunteer. Instead of making your life miserable in your room, why not volunteer your time to something that helps the community you are in? Not only will it boost your network of friends but, as always, you are doing something that money can’t buy. A different kind of happiness when you do something good for others.

7. Upgrade your skills. Maybe it’s right time for you to upgrade your skills so you can catch up with the rest. It not only helps you forget what you are going through but it is also good for your resume. In a sense, you are also fattening your wallet.

8. Entertain new admirers. While this may not be an advisable tip to take, it sometimes help forget a past. But helping yourself through this route may do you only harm than good. But take it slowly with caution. Remember, you’re are still on the healing stage.

Why make your life miserable just because of one person when there are a lot of searching souls out there. Live a better life and the rest will follow.

If you have tips to share, other than the above, share it to help others. Thank you!

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