Is a lesbian relationship right for you?

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Straight women who fall in love with lesbians and lesbians who have been in a lesbian relationship or are currently in a lesbian relationship may have asked themselves the question of whether or not a lesbian relationship is right for them.

If you are in a lesbian relationship right now, have you ever thought about it? If your current lesbian relationship is right for you? This question would surely come up in one’s lesbian mind as you go through the process of building a lesbian relationship with your girlfriend or lesbian partner.

But, how do you exactly know if a lesbian relationship is right for you? No one will ever know unless you are a lesbian or a straight woman who have had a lesbian affair or in a current lesbian relationship. Because in the eyes of people, a lesbian relationship is completely wrong.

So, is your current lesbian relationship right for you?

A lesbian relationship may only be right when both of you are ready.  Entering into a lesbian relationship is no joke. It is no different than any other kind of  relationship. It is important that both parties are ready to make the lesbian relationship work.

Being ready means:

1. You are 100% sure of your sexuality. In other words, you know in your heart that you only like women and not men. It is safer to gauge your sexuality first before plunging oneself into a lesbian relationship as it is better to be certain than feel sorry.  What type of lesbian are you?

2. Not hiding your relationship to your family and friends. It means accepting the lesbian relationship openly without any reservation.

3. Willingness to give and take. Such that if both parties are miles and miles apart, one must be willing to relocate to be with the other person without any condition.

4. Emotional stability. There is no point in keeping up a lesbian relationship with your lesbian partner if you are emotionally unstable. If you are still flirting around with other girls or having another affair, these are signs of emotional instability. By being emotionally unstable you will end up hurting your lesbian partner’s feelings. Entering into a relationship with someone you say you love requires commitment.

5. Financially stable. The success of a lesbian relationship lies in the hands of the partners involved. While being emotionally stable is very important in order for a lesbian relationship to work out it is likewise important that both parties are financially capable and able of supporting each other.

A lesbian relationship will always be right in the eyes of two women who are deeply in love with each other and who are committed and willing to share and spend the rest of their lesbian lives together. And no matter how other people will look at it, they will always think their lesbian relationship is right. For to them, the love they shared will never be wrong but will always be right.

For who are we to judge when what matters most is how two people share true and everlasting love?

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