Relationship survival tips in an economic crisis

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The economic crisis is now global. It spreads like a contagious disease. On TV or paper, you’ll hear and read stories of people whose families have been shattered or relationship that has gone sour.

When faced with a difficult financial situation because of lose of job, discuss it with family members and lay out strategies to counter its effects.

Here are survival tips to keep your relationship stay strong despite the financial crisis:

1. Sit down and talk. Communication is vital to every relationship. Discuss about alternatives of income.

2. Have faith. By all means pray. It works!

3. Trust in your leaders. Government leaders are there to work something for the good of all people. For sure, they’re working real hard to get people like you out of this mess.

4. Stay healthy. Losing a job means losing your health insurance. Keep yourself fit by doing physical or mental exercise. It helps release all the stress.

5. Keep the love alive. Keeping your love alive will not only make you feel younger but it makes your love stronger.

6. Be positive. Stay positive despite the negative thoughts you have in mind. Force yourself to think that everything will be okay and that you will go through all what you’ve been through right now.

6. Life is more precious than money. Keep in mind that money is not everything.

The most important thing is not to give up on each other when things get tough.

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