How to be in a lesbian relationship

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winking-animeIt’s nice to fall in love. Yes, it is! When you fall in love you’re like the happiest person on earth but do you know that starting a relationship can be your biggest challenge?

What if you fall in love to a lesbian? Are you aware that being in a lesbian relationship has its own set of challenges? A lesbian relationship is no different from other types of relationship but there are more pressures that goes along with it that could either make or break your relationship.

If you are up to take the challenge then….

When you’re there

Be yourself. Just being who you are is all that matters. Don’t change the way you are just to get the love of the other person. Be who you are. Lesbians like to be with women who keep things simple. Don’t change the way you look. When a lesbian sets her eyes on you, that simply means she likes you the way you are.

Follow the basic

What makes a lesbian relationship tick and more exciting is when both of you have the same likes, wants and needs. You will both enjoy being together and  hanging out together. You will delight in each other, bodies doing things together, swapping clothes, sharing food, music, ideas and laughter.

Not all relationships are perfect

Like all other types of relationships, lesbian relationships are also not perfect. There are those that ended up with harsh words hurled at each other or a fight about who gets what. While this situation may be a bit scary, it is not actually so if you and your partner knows how to manage stress in your relationship.

You create your own relationship

Lesbian relationships vary but how you construct your lesbian relationship is a reflection of your creativity. While lesbian relationship operate on a different value, lesbians are more committed to resolving problems while staying together and relate to each other as equals, friends and lovers. Lesbians are more intimate in resolving issues with partners.  Physical abuse is normally absent in a lesbian relationship.

The pressure that may pose a threat to a lesbian relationship: Social Pressures

Lesbian relationships suffer mostly from the critical eyes of family and friends and this can put a lot of pressure and even strain in your lesbian relationship. Arguments will start to crop up as to whether or not to come out or hide the lesbian relationship. Even when agreement is reached there will be instances when disagreements or arguments will appear as to how far or how long to hide the relationship. If one is already out, the other may feel insecure, hurt and unloved. Both of you will end up irritable, unhappy with how things are going in the relationship, depressed and end up taking it out on each other.

This can be your biggest challenge. When faced with this kind of situation, it is best for both partners to sit down and talk about how to resolve the issue in an intimate and calm manner. Each partner will feel relieved if each is given a chance to talk and share how she feels about the whole situation and for both to understand each other’s concerns and fears.

It can be tough but as soon as both parties are able to share their thoughts and feelings, both will end up bonding each other over a mutual problem and find their way through it together.

Remember when dealing with stress in a relationship that it is for the benefit of both parties involved to listen to and understand each other’s anger or resentment because it’s not about who’s right or wrong anymore but about understanding each other’s perspectives.

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