Why do lesbian relationships fail?

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As with other kind of relationships, lesbian relationships do fail.

Let’s face it. No matter how hard we try to maintain a good and meaningful relationship towards our partners, it does sometimes fail.

Here are the probable culprits:

  • Lack of trust. When there are negative events happening which go unprocessed they are most likely remembered and repeatedly rehearsed and turned over and over in a person’s mind. When this happens, trust erodes. In other words, with the continuous bombardment of negative events in the relationship these will create havoc and could possibly evolve the continuous erosion of trust and the increasing chance of betrayal.

Trust is an important part in any kind of relationship. When trust fails, relationship fails.

  • No mutual understanding. Both parties must mutually understand each other. Without it, relationship has the tendency to fail. As a couple, you must mutually work together for your common interest. There must be harmony and a mutual affection for each other’s needs. You must both realize that your relationship was built because both of you mutually love and understand each other.
  • No mutual respect. No matter what our standing in life is, we deserve some kind of respect. So does in a relationship. Partners must fully respect each other in order to build a good and meaningful relationship.

So, how do you make your relationship successful?

As human beings we are born to fail or succeed. And success or failure lies within us.

Keep the trust, respect and understanding for each other.  Love, desire, common goals and interest can be the forces that bring two people together, but it is trust, respect and understanding that keep them together.

However, to attain all of the above, you must, first and foremost, have a good relationship with yourself. You cannot have a good and meaningful relationship with your partner or the people around you when you cannot even build a good and meaningful relationship with yourself.

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