Why a lesbian support group is very important to a lesbian’s life

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Are you a lesbian?

If you are, are you the type of lesbian who is outgoing? Or someone who likes to be alone.

If you are outgoing then perhaps you have a bunch of loyal friends around you who can help you whenever help is needed. But, what if you happen to be an introvert type of lesbian who likes to be alone? When help is needed, no one is there to turn to.

That’s why a support group is important.

If you are a lesbian, being alone in your inner struggle to find peace for who you are can give your life some misery.

Here are the main reasons why your lesbian life can be miserable:

1. You want to come out as a lesbian, but is afraid to do so for fear of being rejected by family and friends.

2. You want to talk to someone who will understand you, but nobody is there to listen to you.

3. You want to get advise and suggestions on how to court the girl of your dreams, but there is nobody who can help you out.

4. You want to buy stuff that is useful to you, but you are afraid to do so because your family or friends may not like it.

5. And the things you like doing you cannot do because you are afraid of being caught as a lesbian.

The above are just some of the frustrating  instances in the life of lesbian without any lesbian support group. While some lesbians are tough and can live without it, others cannot.

Do yourself a big favor! If you are one of those that cannot do without, here are the things that you can do to have a life as a lesbian:

1. Seek out help from like-minded friends. If you are a lesbian who happens to have gay and lesbian friends, seek help from them. For sure, they will understand where you are coming from.

2. There are people who are gay/lesbian friendly. Talk to them if you find people who are gay friendly among your circle of friends.

3. There are many lesbian support groups you can seek help from. In the United States, lesbian support groups are present in almost every state around the country.

If all of the above sounds far reaching to you then there is no way for you to live life happily as a lesbian, but to go after what you think and feel is best for you.

There are many lesbians out whose hearts are breaking because they are afraid of coming out in the open and have no way of sharing their sufferings. If they do share, people don’t seem to care or understand what they’ve been going through. The only way to move on and be happy with life is to be who you are. In other words, acceptance is the key to a lesbian’s life happiness.


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