How Lesbian Are You?

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Are you a lesbian? If you believe you are, then how lesbian are you? It does not matter how you get it, the thing is, are you really sure you are a lesbian? Try to recollect your past. Did you become a lesbian by birth, by peer influence or the influence of your surroundings? If you did get it by birth, then you will know that deep inside you, there is something that is special and unique unto yourself. You are your own. However, if you did get it by peer influence, then maybe you have to think about where, what and who influenced you. Becoming a lesbian by peer influence can be destructive and could lead to a miserable life later on. Your environment plays a big role too in how you are being molded as a person. If the environment you live in consists of people who are into lesbian relationships then chances are you could become a lesbian too.

The lesbian story

A lesbian couple I knew of had been together for more than two decades. They have two daughters. One just recently got married to a soft butch, someone who dress and act in a masculine manner. The other started to show off some masculine acts and is now getting worse. Although she wears long hairs, she talks and dresses up like a guy.

So, what influenced these two girls?

Many of you may think that what made these two girls lesbians is because of the way they were brought up. As mentioned, the two girls grew up with parents who are lesbian couple. But, this could just be part of the equation. What most likely influenced these girls are the parent’s lesbian couple friends who would drop by at their house almost every weekend and sometimes stays overnight. It’s the environment.

The challenge

There are many challenges in a lesbian’s life. There is the mean look of people who will most likely dislike you, because of your being you. Or, you could face the challenge of being ridiculed by friends, colleagues and even by members of your family.  Better yet, people may throw stones at you or talk malicious words against you. But, all of these are just part of something bigger when you later on face discrimination in the workplace.

The choice

You have a choice. If you believe you are a lesbian and you are happy with who and what you have become, then go for it. Some people would respect you for that, but be prepared for those who will not. Otherwise, think a million times before you let yourself sink in into the lesbian world. Peer influence or the influence of one’s environment can be disastrous and may just be a temporary thing. It is because environmental influence could die down as people come and go.

Let’s take a look at a woman where, when she was still in her teenage years, she thinks she falls in love with her best friend. They were schoolmates and would hang out whenever they have time — after school, weekends or holidays. The two become closer that it came to a point where the two kissed each other. Here, there is a special feeling between the two because of the closeness they have for each other. Were they lesbians?

No. Perhaps they were just carried away because as teenagers you sometimes get confused of yourself and/or your feelings.

This story is of a real life situation where the two ended up marrying the men of their lives. They later on admitted that they were in a situation where they really don’t know what real feelings are.

Clear up your mind and thoughts

Try not to get confused. If you are faced with so much confusion and uncertainty in your feelings towards other women, get a reality check. You may think you are in love, but in reality you are not. Be extra careful of your actions towards other women because you could be misinterpreted. Situations like acting up because of curiosity can be very emotionally destructive.

Ask yourself. What do I really want? Do I want a woman for the rest of my life? Or the man of my dreams? But, beware! Don’t marry a man just to hide your lesbianism.

So, how lesbian are you? Remember, being a lesbian is not an easy role to play.



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